Bloody Mary Steaks
January 26, 2008, 10:48 pm
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One of my goals from this blog is to regularly share recipes that I have discovered and enjoyed. I love to eat, and I love to cook. I would like to cook more often, preferably followed immediately by eating. Perhaps writing about it will encourage me to cook more! Or at least, as often as I can when restricted by school and monetary constraints. Also, cooking elaborately is difficult when one doesn’t have a car in a city: who wants to go grocery shopping that often, and have to drag the food back on a bus, and then trek from the bus stop to home? I don’t, that’s for sure. Give me a few months, and that problem will be solved.

Anyways, dinner one!


Menu: Bloody Mary Flank Steaks, Boiled Potatoes, Salad, American Pie Cocktails.

  • Blood Mary Flank Steaks:  This is a marinade based on the idea of a Bloody Mary: tomato juice and vodka with horseradish and various spices. Plus olive oil to make it a good marinade. We let it sit for 8 hours, because we wanted to eat it for dinner and didn’t have the fixin’s for the marinade until late morning. Very easy to make, as long as you prepare in advance. Very tender, juicy and tasty. Didn’t get a whole lot of the Blood Mary vibe. I think the horseradish and hot sauce can be increased without any problems. Kudos to “Guy’s Big Eats” on the Food Network for this tasty meat.

Here is Bear enjoying dinner:


  • Boiled Potatoes: Get potatoes. Boil. Butter, salt and pepper. Not a hard task. Kudos to Betty Crocker for cooking times.
  • Salad: Yeah. Leaves. In bowl. Add dressing.
  • American Pie Cocktails: This is another “Guy’s Big Eats” creation. Kind of on the sweet side for me, but I am an avid fan of gin and tonics, so I might be biased. The cranberry juice evens out the sweet of the whiskey and apple liqueur. Could be improved with 100% cranberry juice, not from concentrate, without high fructose corn syrup, but one can’t be picky. Still a fun, tasty drink. Especially if you like them strong.

And here we have Roommate making faces during dinner. I never said we were civilized.

All in all, a delicious meal. The recipes from The Food Network will be saved. Possibly even made again.
Now, back to my American Pie Cocktail.