October 23, 2008, 10:14 am
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Here’s your ew for the day.

Black residue and pink slime found in the ice machine? Everyone infected with norovirus?

My guess is that the sick bartender puked in the ice machine and then continued to serve drinks using that ice, assuming that the alcohol would kill the bacteria. A poor choice, sir. Wikipedia says: “Norovirus is rapidly killed by chlorine-based disinfectants, but because the virus particle does not have a lipid envelope, it is less susceptible to alcohols and detergents.[9]



This semester.
February 6, 2008, 9:46 am
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Last semester, I didn’t get sick.

This semester, I came down with a cold during the second week of school.

That blew.

Then, Bear developed a stomach bug, but we thought it was an extension of THE TIME OF WHICH WE DO NOT SPEAK (a diabetic experience). So I wasn’t too careful about sterility. We spent the weekend being sick and grumpy and smelly together.

SO! I developed the stomach bug just as the cold was going away.


That was fun, wasn’t it? Oh but it gets better. Just as I was finally not feeling nauseous everytime I stood up or thought too hard, and was recovering from the 3 days of not eating, I developed another cold! Or it may have been allergies, I couldn’t really tell. That was fun too!

So, after a week of literally draining my face of a cup of snot every 10 minutes, we went back to Greensburg for a nice “relaxing weekend”. Except said stomach bug had moved from Pittsburgh to Greensburg and infected Bear’s sister! So the twin boys of adorableness and what not were at their grandparents, also maybe sick with said stomach bug! OH BOY. An entire weekend of playing with maybe sick little boys who really think its fun to just make out with you every once in a while, and stick their gooey fingers in your mouth and up your nose for good measure. After throwing up spaghetti. YAY.

So then there were another 3 days of not eating much because “what if I throw up in 3 hours? I don’t want to throw up cranberry juice/tacos/chicken/food in general”. YAY AGAIN.

Now that we’re out of the woods on that one (YAY ANTIBODIES AND PREVIOUS EXPOSURE = NO STOMACH BUG!) I get to try to fight with the MOUTH ULCER FROM HELL. All caps makes me feel better.

hate. Hate hate. HATE.

It hurts to smile, which is good BECAUSE I DON’T FEEL LIKE SMILING, DAMNIT.

Can I just feel better for the rest of the semester?