Reading Is Sexy
September 3, 2008, 12:21 pm
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I have nothing to say about Sarah Palin that hasn’t already been said except for this: thank the Lord someone else is totally rocking the librarian glasses chic. I needed someone else to start the trend outside of:

1. Libraries.

2. Hipster culture.

3. Hipster librarians.

Now, I have a VP candidate! Rock on. Any thoughts beyond that would be superfluous, because I refuse to honor the insanity that is left-wing bloggers and under(read)graduates by saying anything at all. Go librarian glasses!

Speaking of librarian glasses and hipsters, I am such a loser in library school. Other than the older women who are coming into libraries as a professional change, I am the squarest of the squarely squares in my classes. I wear skirts too much, I have a thing for pearls and other pretty jewelry, my nails are pink or red or unpainted, and I tend to match. If I don’t match, it’s usually an accident. My hair is a boring bob, parted on the left side, no bangs or frills or dye. I rarely even wear makeup, and when I do, I try to look like I am NOT wearing make up.


But, as The Illustrious New York Times reported, libraries are hipster chic. And they are usually super liberal. And they are usually super liberal activists. And they are usually wayyyy cooler than I’ll ever be.

The article states:

“When I was in library school in the early ’80s, the students weren’t as interesting,” Mr. Block said.

Since then, however, library organizations have been trying to recruit a more diverse group of students and to mentor younger members of the profession.

“I think we’re getting more progressive and hipper,” said Carrie Ansell, a 28-year-old law librarian in Washington.”

So. Progressive equals hip and interesting. Conservative equals unhip and boring.

Well, I’m not going to lie. I actually laughed out loud when I saw the crowd shots at the Republican convention. Lots of vaguely overweight, very white, mostly bald men! The stereotypes are so true it’s hilarious.

But hey! I have a blog! That’s so in! I am one step closer to being an IN LIBRARIAN!

In other news, my uterus is still vacant. I took my first pregnancy test the other day. The hospital issued ones come with no directions. It was confusing. I managed to screw up the first one by peeing on the wrong end of the stick. And it’s literally JUST a stick. No markings, no nothing. So I peed in the little cup the study gave me and just stuck a 2nd little stick in there.

Regardless: only one pink line! I win! Although, not quite, because I managed to screw up peeing on a freaking stick.


Because I went to Catholic School
May 13, 2008, 9:48 am
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Recently, Dan recommended that I respond to a Craigslist posting for freelance writers to write weekly articles for a new personal finance blog.

I mulled it over. And then I got a mullet.

No, that’s a lie. I mulled, and I decided against it. This is why:

1. I don’t have a real personal finance philosophy. It’s more called being CHEAPCHEAPCHEAP, and that stems from the miserly Germans who birthed and raised me. Also, these miserly Germans then sent me to Catholic school, where I got a happy dose of CATHOLIC GUILT. So I can encourage my CHEAPCHEAPCHEAPness to flourish with regular self-flagellaton and guilt over even the smallest unneeded purchase. This doesn’t translate well into writing about personal finance for people in need of help. Trent over at The Simple Dollar translates much better, because he wasn’t raised by miserly Catholic Germans, and he hit financial rock bottom and then bounced back. His strategies involve things you can DO. Mine involve memories of nuns and the disapproval of a German Jesus.


So I will continue to discuss my German Catholic miserliness here in the confines of my own blog, where I am not, in fact, attempting to help anyone else.

2. I am starting graduate school (TODAY!!!). Frankly, I don’t know what the work load is going to be like, so I don’t want to overburden myself. I mean, I’m already working 20 hours a week at the library where I have to deal with 4 asians and the occasional person looking for the public library a day. Ah, summer session… no freshmen, only Asians. Still. If I am going to devote myself to doing something, I ought to know how much time I will have available. And as of now, I don’t know. I’ve never been to graduate school, or library school. Sure, I just graduated with molecular biology degree- BUT THIS COULD TOTALLY BE HARDER. You never know.

3. It’s only a 3 semester program. Which means I only have 3 semesters, and 36 credits, to determine my GPA. And since my eternally needy ego requires an EXTREMELY UNNECESSARILY HIGH GPA, I will have to work hard in those 3 semesters.

So that’s why.

Oh, did I mention that I’m starting grad school today? I am. I am so excited that I could squeal. SQUEAL SQUEAL SQUEAL!!! I am also nervous. Apparently not nervous enough to affect my sleep, however. I took a nap last night while the boys were killing each other on videogames, and then I slept for 11 hours. Yum.

I am so excited. I wish my class was now, instead of at 2, because I am SO EXCITED.