Fare thee well.
February 28, 2008, 8:11 pm
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William F. Buckley, Jr. died yesterday.

He has been an imposing figure on the national stage for over 50 years, and considering that I am only a recent convert to the modern conservative movement, I cannot say I have any particularly deep-seated feelings for him.

I do respect his work. Reading through the eulogies on nationreview.com, I learned more about him than I knew while he was still alive and writing (which he may have been doing when he died). I do know that he shaped my father’s political and moral compass, and that he is mourning Buckley’s passing. I know that Buckley supported the legalization of marijuana, something an uneducated person might not associate with the stereotypical view of what “The Father of Modern Conservatism” might be. I know that he was a deeply faithful Catholic, and that is probably one of the reasons why my father is finally converting. I know that he changed the face of America and the west with his unparalleled intellect and vocabulary, scaling back what appeared to be the inevitable encroachment of statism on our personal freedom.

I know we are all indebted to him, whether or not we can admit it. I know he will be missed. Fare well, WFB.