Grocery Store Antics
February 21, 2008, 3:03 pm
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On Thursdays, I normally have class from 9-10ish, 12-1, and 2:30-3:45. My last class was canceled due to The Plague, so I was finished at 1. While in my noon class, I realized that not only do i have HUGE TRACTS of time but I also can go to the grocery store! Which is great, because I had NO FOOD. None. I was basically living on cereal, peanut butter sandwiches, and heisting tea from Roommate!. (Sorry…). I would also drink milk a lot. It was time for grocery shopping.

Just to clarify: I do not have a car. I live in Oakland, about 15 minutes from campus. Campus is about a 10-15 minute bus ride from The Awesome Grocery Store (I love you Shadyside Market District Giant Eagle, you are my best friend). Grocery shopping normally requires large amounts of planning and preparation. I usually don’t have time to just devote up to 2 hours to get there and back with all my crap IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY. This was very exciting.

Then, as I waited patiently in line to buy sandwich meat, I hear a possibly real, but more likely fake Italian accent behind me: lo and behold, it is a Giant Eagle worker wandering around the store with a tray of CHEESE! I knew there was a reason I loved this store so much.

Even if I didn’t love cheese, I would have taken cheese from him anyways because his method of marketing? The best ever:

“Here we go, Giant Eagle shoppers, try some cheese. It is spicy cheese. Spicy cheese for spicy people! Get your spicy cheese, you spicy people, you!”

Make sure you read that in an Italian accent. Love it.