Belated Resolutions
January 26, 2008, 7:39 pm
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For a long time, I gave up caffeine every year for Lent. I guess this was to give myself a taste of Mormonism, despite not knowing that Mormons abstain from the tasty, tasty chemical. Perhaps it was a form of self-torture. I brew myself one cup of tea, strong with sugar and exactly the precise amount of half and half to make it look kind of like coffee, every morning. If I miss that cup of tea, the gremlins come out, eat my eyes, and I am not fit for polite company. To put it mildly. So Lent saw this transformation every year.

Then I realized that I love caffeine, I love tea, and taking those things away from me is cruel to not only myself, but to all the people who are inflicted by my raging countenance. Depriving myself of tea does not make me a better Catholic, nor does it make me a better person.

It makes me a she-wolf.
I couldn’t think of a good New Year’s Resolution this year. Perhaps my self absorption led me to believe that I am perfect, in need of no improvement. That’s doubtful. I think it was more laziness. So, just in time for Lent, I found something. Since the real goal of Lent is not to deprive yourself of treats so that you can fit into your skinny jeans, but instead to do something to improve yourself. Preferably as a Christian. To get closer to God. Or something
This year, I am vowing to attempt this blogging thing once and for all and stick with it. That is my New Year’s Resolution. My Lenten promise is to become a better person via this blog. I’m also going to focus on this as a writing exercise, rather than trying to figure out who is and isn’t reading it.

Oh, and I think I’m going to avoid swearing, but we’ll see about that. Regardless, I will be caffeinated the entire time. God wants me to be caffeinated. I know this.