Katrina is:

1. Polish and German.

2. A chocoholic.

3. A librarian.

4. A dork in many ways.

5. In love with Pittsburgh

Since starting this blog, Katrina has:

1. Graduated college.

2. Started graduate school.

3. Gotten a dog named Katie. She is not so ridiculous looking at Hannah.

4. Finished graduate school.

5. Gotten a job.

6. Started a PhD, because 2 degrees just isn’t enough for one person. Thank you, crappy economy!

7. Gotten engaged.

8. Became friends with a kitten at the bus stop. Took kitten home. Named her Dora. She is evil but beautiful.

9. Gotten married.

10. Gotten a 2nd dog name Ranger. He is a dumb border collie.

13. Learned to cook.

14. Gotten pregnant.

15. Had a baby.

16. Earned a second master’s degree (on the way to the PhD). Degrees are like Pokemon: gotta collect them all!

Oh, and here’s the greyhound-dachshund. Yes, her back legs are twice as long as her front legs. Technically she’s my mom’s dog and she lives East, but really, who wouldn’t brag about this? NO ONE. Her name is Hannah-Banana, The Warrior of the Universe. We call her Hannah for short.



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