Day in the life.
March 6, 2014, 10:58 am
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A bunch of bloggers have written up a day in their life, so I think I should do the same.

Yesterday was an atypical day, so obviously that’s the one I’m going to pick. 

3:30 AM: (over the baby monitor) cough. cough cough. whiiiine. cough. cough. (continues sporadically until our alarms go off at 6:45.)

6:45 AM: (my phone has the Vienna Boys’ Choir singing certain alerts. It’s kind of odd but endearing.) GOOOOOOD MORNING. Good morning, good MORNING good morning good morning GOOOOOD MORNING. Me: Shut up shut up shutupshutupshutup. 

And we’re off! I get Lee up and nurse him. Kevin lounges in bed a bit until I’m done, then we trade off. He changes Lee, gets him dressed for the day. I let the dogs out and feed them. We each get dressed and get ready. Lee does baby stuff in the living room under the close supervision of the cat.

7:45 AM: Leave the house. Load everyone up into the car. Drive around the block. Park. Get the baby out and take him into daycare. We both go in, because A) today is Ash Wednesday so we’re going to get ashes after this and B) Kevin is going to Texas for work and won’t see Lee until Friday morning. 

I put Lee’s lunch away and hang up his coat and daycare bag. Kevin dawdles, giving kisses and smiling at him.

Me: Kevin. Come on. Let’s go. 

Kevin: Fiiiiine. LOVE YOU BABY BOY. 

One last kiss and we’re off. 

We decided to go to Ash Wednesday mass at 8 at the church in the borough right next to us, instead of at our church, which is at 8:30 and will involve all 300 or so schoolchildren. No, thank you. Pittsburgh is a great place to be Catholic, because there are a lot of Catholics. Within 5 miles of my house, there are something like 5 or 6 Catholic parishes. Within a 5 minute DRIVE of my house, there are three! Three. Come on! Two of them have schools! It’s a little crazy. And so, we have a lot of flexibility when it comes to mass and such.

So, we went to Ascension. And you might think that since it is 2 minutes from our house, in the borough right next to ours, that it would be easy to find. But you would be wrong, because Ingram is a rat’s nest of confusing streets, we don’t often drive through it, and we got lost. Plus, Ascension is in an old streetcar barn, so it’s this tiny, low little church. No big steeple to guide you. 

A few wrong turns, an adventure down a narrow, potholey alley, and we’re there. See one of our pals from our church doing duty as the adult altar server.

Kevin: Huh. Bill’s doing double duty.

However, mass was not the quick, daily morning mass I was expecting. Despite having a small congregation, distribution of ashes was very slow. So was communion. The priest there is pretty old school. He even uses what we call the communion paddle: the altar server stands next to him and holds a little brass paddle-like thing under your hands/mouth as you receive communion so as to avoid accidental dropping. Part of the reason that communion took so long is he was the only one distributing it, probably because he requires the communion paddle. The other eucharistic ministers only give out the wine.

I experienced some un-Christian thoughts about how we should have just gone to the later mass at St. Philip’s, with the school children. Probably would have been shorter. I scold myself for those thoughts. 

Patience is not my strong suit.

9:08 AM (Mass was an an hour and 8 minutes long. !!!!): Mass is over. We drive home and eat a quiet breakfast together. I have an eye doctor appointment, and Kevin has a plane to catch at noon. Some cereal, tea and juice, reading the news on our phones. Is nice.

9:50 AM: Kevin gets his stuff together to leave. Asks if he has time to get a haircut. He tends to be very laissez-faire about when to get to the airport, and then at the last minute, briefly panics about whether or not he’ll get there on time. I tell him he looks like a kid, and should consider getting a haircut. Kiss, and we’re off again. 

10:05 AM: I stop and get gas in my car because it’s on empty.

10:15 AM: Arrive at eye doctor. Time for some visual field testing! Let’s find out if I have glaucoma! (but not until my appointment next week, when they will go over the results.) I stare into a box and click a button every time I see a flashing light. They they take a picture of my retina, numb my eyes and poke them with something. Get text message from Kevin saying he got a haircut, and made it to the gate with 50 minutes to spare. Thank God for the Pittsburgh airport and it’s pathetic lack of traffic.

10:50 AM: All done. Off I go. I am dramatically overconfident in my ability to get from McKees Rocks to downtown without GPS assistance. I get lost in Fairywood. Or is this Windgap? I have no idea where I am. Oh wait, here’s Sheraden. Okay, I can find my way from here.

11:30 AM: Finally in Cubeland. Quick do some things in prep for my weekly meeting with my adviser.

12:00 PM: Go up to adviser’s office. Note that he has gotten a haircut and it’s so short that I can’t tell how much he’s been thinking by how much it’s standing up. Alas. Note also that his rhinoceros collection doesn’t appear to have been moved (sometimes it does. I like to be aware.)

We discuss the next few weeks. I have jury duty next week which throws our regular meeting into unknown status. He’s going away after that. Ok, down to business. Think some thinky things, make some decidey decisions.

1:00 PM: Done. Eat a clementine. Do some thinky things, write some of it down. Work on writing my part of a concept paper. Do a lot of head scratching. Text message from Kevin saying he landed in Charlotte.

2:30 PM: Another meeting. More thinky things, more decidey decisions. 

3:30 PM: Meeting done. Do some more thinking about writing (this is basically all I ever do. Think, think about writing, write what I’m thinking, rinse and repeat). 

4:00 PM: Get sucked into some student scuttlebutt. Do a lot of shocked eyebrow raising and saying “Oh gosh.”

4:20 PM: Time to get my butt out of Cubeland. 

4:45 PM: In traffic. Dad calls. “What time are you going to get here?” “When I get there. Probably 5:30.”

4:50 PM: Pick up Lee from daycare. Get text message from Kevin saying he landed in Houston.

4:55 PM: Get home. Let the crazy dogs out. Nurse Lee. Feed dogs. Load Lee back into the car, then head over to my Dad’s for dinner. Mom is in Erie for work, and Kevin is in Texas, so I invited myself over for dinner.

5:20 PM: Arrive at Dad’s. Dutifully admire the new paint colors. Eat dinner (shrimp mac and cheese, stewed tomatoes). Contemplate whether eating shrimp really meets the spirit of the “abstain from meat” rule on Ash Wednesday. Eat it anyway. Lee also enjoys it, with gusto. Except the stewed tomatoes. He threw those on the floor. Good thing they’re getting new carpet too!

6:30 PM: Help dad clean up from dinner while Lee explores. Chit chat about world happenings. Lee starts to campaign to go, so we pack up and leave.

7:00 PM: Home. Let Lee play with his toys a bit.

7:15 PM: Small person is pitifully whining. Time for bed, young sir! Take him upstairs, wipe him down with a warm wet washcloth, torture him with saline up his nose and the bulb syringe. Get some good snot out, hooboy. Into Santa jammies. Goodness, these are getting snug. Read some books, nurse him. Into bed. He sighs contentedly and goes to sleep. 

7:45 PM: Shower for me. In pajamas. Lock up downstairs, get a glass of milk, and read in bed for a while. Catholicism by Robert Barron. Very enjoyable, highly recommend. 

9:45 PM: Eyelids getting droopy. Squawking erupts from the baby monitor. Let him go for a bit. Nope, increasing. I guess we’re not ready to give up the dreamfeed quite yet. Fine by me. Nurse the baby, get him settled back into bed. 

10:00 PM: Text Kevin goodnight. He sends me pictures of children riding sheep at the rodeo. I contemplate how different Texas is from Pennsylvania. I settle myself into the very center of the king sized bed and hope for a quiet night. Dogs fret a bit about it being bedtime and Kevin not being home. They eventually hop up onto the bed and snuggle up. Everyone zonks right out.