A Funny Looking Old Lady Who Has Had Some Work Done On The Cheap
July 27, 2013, 2:08 pm
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This is either inspired by or shamelessly copying @TwoAdults when she gave us a tour of her house. Want to nosepoke around my house? Okay, here’s your golden opportunity.

ImageOur house was built in either 1890 or 1895. There are conflicting records so it’s hard to know for sure without doing more research than I care to do. It was originally a lot smaller. Where our front door is now was a front porch. What is now the dining room used to be the eat in kitchen, and there were only 2 bedrooms, and no bathrooms. A 2 story addition was added to the back sometime in the early 20th century, adding a kitchen, a 3rd bedroom, and the first bathroom.

ImageThe addition is in the back, where the roof is lower than the front of the house.

Other fun fact about the outside: in this picture, there are 2 windows that do not exist on the inside! The one on the side of the house, on the 2nd floor, roughly in the middle, but not the tiny one. And the farthest back one on the 2nd floor. The house was flipped a few years ago, and the floor plan was changed. They are both in what are now closets, and were just drywalled over. ImageThis is the back of the house. That’s the deck that Kevin built a few years ago.

Kevin bought the house in 2009. Pretty much everything has been repainted, and I did some extensive garden expansion. It originally had exactly 4 bushes, and no other plants. It’s a funny looking starter home that we are going to outgrow sooner than I’d like to think about. But for now, it’s home.

Let’s go inside!


That’s the entry way. It’s surprisingly difficult to get a picture of.


Living room. Shirtless Husband. Dog. ImageThat’s the couch where I spend most of my time. So do the dogs.

ImageThat’s the mantle that is not original to the house with the exposed brick that looks ridiculous with the marble. If I had my way we would tear it all out and drywall over it. ImageShirtless husband playing a video game, baby swing that is collecting baby crap more than it is doing any baby swinging lately.

ImageNow into the dining room. My teacup collection is to the left. That door is the first of 2 back doors. Because you can never have too many back doors! We never use it. But if necessary, we can exit the house directly from all 3 main rooms on the first floor.


Another view of the dining room. Image

Still in the dining room. Piano, steps upstairs, bathroom door. Image

Door to the basement, piano. The dining room is the biggest room in the house, but is used mostly as a hallway. We eat there a lot more now that we have a small person to eat with and teach table manners to.

ImageTwo back doors! BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY.

ImageThe house flippers definitely cheaped out when they redid the kitchen. We have almost a 3rd of it that is wasted space without cabinets or counters but not big enough for a table. We fixed that with some help from IKEA.

ImageAll the appliances came with the house, but I am deeply and firmly in love with bottom freezer fridges now.

ImageThe kitchen originally had bright ice blue walls and a pale gray blue floor. Ice blue + gray + white was very cold and unwelcoming to me. I love the color scheme we ended up with (and the fact that the floor hides all dirt ever. Don’t eat off my floors.) but I still hate white cabinets. I would never choose them myself. I feel like I am constantly scrubbing off dirty fingerprints and it’s only going to get worse. ImageLet’s go upstairs!

ImageThese stairs were a pain in the butt to get furniture up, let me tell you.

ImageAt the very top of the stairs is Lee’s room, formerly known as the “middle” bedroom because it is in the middle of our long skinny house. ImageTo the left is the door to our room, and my Grandma’s secretary desk.

ImageTo the right is the door way into the addition. The door straight ahead is the back bedroom, and the door to the right is the bathroom.

ImageLet’s start with our room. One of the reasons we picked this house (besides the price tag and lack of work necessary in it) is the obnoxious size of the master bedroom relative to the size of the house. This is our “dressing room” or “ante-chamber”, that we walk through in order to get into our room. That’s the closet on the left. One of the unused windows is behind the closet.

ImageLooking from our “ante-chamber” into the hallway, into the doorway to the addition. It sort of feels like going through a tunnel.

ImageFrom the ante-chamber into our room. The dressers were my grandparents’. ImageSee how big this room is? A king sized bed, two dressers, an arm chair, 2 end tables and a cedar chest. And we still have a lot of room to walk around. ImageAnd that’s even with one wall not having any furniture on it due to the closet (original to the house, it’s very shallow. We have shelves in it.), another fake fireplace, and the door way. It’s a huge room. We’re very spoiled.


Huge. (Huge crucifix courtesy of my dear, sainted Grandma.)

ImageGiant windows that let in lovely light. The curtains are eggplant purple.

ImageNow to the back bedroom. It is one of the reasons we won’t be able to stay here for long. The people who built the addition didn’t bother to include any HVAC vents or anything, so it gets pretty cold in there in the winter, and hot in the summer. It works as a guest bedroom and general junk collector. ImageAnd because my parents are entirely spoiled there’s not just one….Image..but TWO double beds. Just having to share a room is difficult enough for them (they never have. He snores, she has night terrors. This is apparently the basis for their happy marriage.) let alone a bed. Luckily this room is big enough to fit two. ImageAnd a lot of our crap. Imageand my box collection in the giant walk in closet. The 2nd hidden window is behind that wall.

ImageYou know how I said that the people who built this addition cheaped out? Look closely at the ceiling in all these pictures. The ceiling is considerably slanted, in both this room and in the bathroom. They also didn’t bother to dig a real foundation, so the floors in both the kitchen and upstairs have a noticeable tilt to them that the rest of the house doesn’t. Let’s be nice and call it “character” and not “cheap-ass shoddy craftsmanship”. ImageWelcome to the world’s smallest bathroom (and don’t forget it has a slanted ceiling!). ImageIt’s really tiny. And has a window in the shower. ImageLet’s move into the baby’s room. I didn’t feel obligated to do a lot of work or spend a lot of money on this room, because let’s be honest: no baby has serious opinions about interior decoration. But the room originally had a very dark forest green carpet, and tan walls. Those colors, plus 1 window that faces another house, and it felt like a cave. So we repainted and bought a carpet remnant in a light color and it’s much nicer now. The rest of the furniture was a gift (the changing table) or hand-me-downs. Most of the art was a gift too.

ImageThe nursing chair, and the piles of books because we do a lot of bedtime reading around here. ImageThe crib. Both the pictures were specially commissioned for Lee! The one on the left is a family picture of us with the baby done by a comic artist a friend and I admire, the one on the right was painted by monkeys that my zookeeper friend cares for. Just for Lee! He is loved.

ImageSome owls and his dresser. And the diaper genie that we’ve stopped using because it’s a pain in the butt to empty. Easier just to empty the small trash can every few days, am I right?

ImageMy view from the nursing chair, into the hallway and bathroom.


Shot going down the stairs. That window is original to the house, the only one left, I believe. I would like to replace it with a custom stained glass window but let’s be honest. In a house this weird and funny looking, that’s not gonna happen.

ImageWe use the deck so much (except for recently because it WON’T STOP RAINING) that it’s like an extra room in the house. We bought that furniture for $500 off craigslist. The seller probably spent $3000-4000 on it. Table, 5 chairs, sofa, cushions, end table. All heavy duty and GORGEOUS. I love it. I plan on having it forever and ever, wherever we go.

ImageBaby pool, grill, garden. My God, but I love our deck. When we move, I will probably miss this the most. Luckily, we’ll be able to take the furniture with us.

Okay that’s my house. Here is a gratuitous cat licking her butt picture. You’re welcome.ImageHere’s a gratuitous baby picture. He is not yet capable of licking his own butt, but we have high hopes. Image