The Wedding
November 11, 2010, 11:01 am
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I got married almost 3 weeks ago. I am totally rocking this whole marriage thing! Look at me go! Almost 3 weeks! MARATHON MARRIAGE ALREADY!

So far, as a married couple we have:

1. Sat around on our butts reading the internets, watching TV, and playing video games.

2. Cooked food together.

3. Attending the twins’ 4th birthday party.

4. Wrote thank you notes (and by ‘we’, I actually mean that I wrote them, and Kevin signed his name, sealed and stamped them). But only about 25 because then I ran out of stationary.

5. Slept on an air mattress in his childhood bedroom together. For the previous almost 6 years, all sleepovers to his parents’ house involved me staying in his sisters’ old bedroom, and him staying in his old bedroom. Frankly, I don’t think I’d mind going back to that arrangement. Very tiny room + regular furniture + queen sized air mattress that you slide down  and takes up all the floor space + dog = not a restful night.

6. Considered getting a new dog. Decided to wait till after the New Year.

7. Continued about our daily existence. Marriage hasn’t really changed things much.

We’re getting the photo files from the photographer back tonight. I’ve been waiting to write about the wedding day until I could accent the post with good photos. So, you’ll have to wait. But I’ll give you a teaser!

That’s us pretending to leave the church and waving to all of our guests. Most of them were gone, it was just the bridal party, immediate family, and a few onlookers. Most of the ‘coming out of the church’ photos were staged.

My father’s pants fell down during mass. Most people didn’t notice. I think. That’s what they told me at least.

The photographer lent him a pair of suspenders after the wedding so he could get through the rest of the night without his pants falling down again. He got a tip for that.

I don’t know how anyone actually consummates their marriage the wedding night. I was so tired that all we could manage was Kevin removing hairpins while I collected money from the cards. So exciting, I know.

Real post coming…. eventually. I have a bunch of homework that I am currently avoiding and a conference to go to next week. So we’ll see.