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August 19, 2010, 7:50 am
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My academic advisor told me that it’s important to update your CV every year, not just because the department requires it, but it’s good for your sanity to look over the last year and see what you’ve accomplished.

I think that applies to the rest of our lives, as well. I made it a point to write a post about all we’ve done to the house in the past year or so because sometimes it feels like I haven’t done anything. This lady had a great idea: remind yourself of what you’re good at. We’re all good at something, hopefully lots of things. When you feel like a failure over something else, it can be good for your sanity to remind yourself that you aren’t a waste of space. I know this is something I ought to do more often.

1. I’m good at knitting and crocheting. I have a blanket over my knees that I made to prove it. I taught myself, no less. Using The Internets. (Sidenote: How did people learn how to do ANYTHING without the Internet and you-tube DIY videos?)

2. I’m smart. I’m good at school, which is why I’m about to embark on my third degree in 6 years. I enjoy classes, learning, projects. I almost always get good grades. Nobody will hire me, but damnit, people will pay me to be a student. That has to count for something.

3. I’m a good writer. I double-majored in English literature in college for the heck of it. It was a good balance against my science classes, and I got A’s without exerting any effort. I can write papers quickly and easily that are damn good and need minimal editing.

4. I can play the piano. Not very well, but I took lessons for 11 years so I like to think my parents got something for their money.

5. I can cook, and I taught myself because my mother is a type-A cook. I only rarely screw things up, and I’m good at winging it. I’ve stopped measuring when I cook and merely eye-ball it. I do not eye-ball it when baking though, because that’s screwing with a chemical reaction and will doom you to failure.

6. I am a good public speaker. I gave the same talk repeatedly over a few months, including at a national conference. I won an award for it (and $275!) and was repeatedly complimented on my public speaking skills. Apparently, I am poised, clear, and interesting.

7. I’m the frugalista. I can find great deals very easily, I resist spending money altogether, and I run a very tight ship without giving up on the things we enjoy in life (like cheese). We’re living on Kevin’s salary alone at this point, most months. We have no debt other than the mortgage and student loans. We have a healthy emergency fund. The next challenge is figuring out what we’re saving for and how to spend our money after the wedding is over.

So. Your turn. What are YOU good at?


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