Who wants to see dress pictures?
July 27, 2010, 8:57 am
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To Kevin: Do not read this.

To Everyone Else: Unless you feel obligated to be surprised, or just don’t care, these are pictures of my wedding dress when I tried it on the first time at the salon. It was a size too big, so the real dress makes my boobs look better.

I don’t do strapless. I just don’t. Do you know how difficult it was to deal with sales people who really, really, really want you to try on strapless? Hello! Getting married in a Catholic church! They frown on strapless! Strapless dresses with added straps look just like that: strapless dresses with added straps. More importantly, I feel more comfortable in this. I don’t think strapless is particularly flattering to someone as narrow as me.

Under-booby glitz.

One of the lace appliques at points where the fabric is gathered.

I don’t photograph well.

Kevin’s mom is making my veil. Cathedral length, about as long as in this photo, but with more detail.

Like I said, the store model was too big (and too long) for me. I’m wearing flats, so the seamstress picked up the hem substantially. It looks better in real life n’at.

I bought it at MB Bride in Greensburg. If you happen to be in the market for a wedding dress, or know someone who is, I highly recommend it. It’s huge, and they have an incredible selection. The prices are comparable to ‘inexpensive’ places like David’s Bridal, but much, much, MUCH MUCH higher quality. Better fabric, better detail, better design.

Did I mention that I tingled when I put it on? I definitely tingled. I only tried it on because I saw it on one of the mannequins, and thought it would be fun to try on. I assumed it would be way out of my price range. I tingled, and then wanted to cry because I thought it was too expensive. When I saw it was exactly half of my budget, I almost tipped over. Even with all the alterations, bustles (the damn thing requires 8 individual bustles), cups, etc, it’s still $500 under budget.

Sure hope Kevin didn’t look at this.


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Comment by Emily

1. If you don’t photograph well, then you must be absolutely stunning in person because HAWT!

2. *high five* Way to find a fair (heh) price on a dress!

Comment by Burgh Baby

Psh. You’re just distracted by the pretty dress.

Comment by potpie

wow, that dress is GORGEOUS! go katrina!

Comment by cupcakesupremacy

Gorgeous!!! And I think the neckline is much more flattering than strapless. Lovely!

Comment by Jen

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