I know you care about my house as much as I do.
July 20, 2010, 11:50 am
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So, we bought a house last year.  And by we, I actually mean just Kevin. We were too skittish about mixing finances so deeply when we weren’t even engaged yet. Also, I was still in school, and thus had NOTHING to contribute. So. There’s that.

Anyway, we’ve done a lot to the house. And by a lot, I actually mean not much because we’ve also been planning a wedding, and frankly, I don’t have enough money or brain cells to handle both.

So, because I’m a faithful follower of BurghBaby, and also lack the brain cells to have any sense of creativity or originality in my blog, I thought I’d show you what we’ve done.

This is the house before. Four rather pathetic bushes that were planted WAY too close together considering how large they are inclined to get. Those were the only plants on the property. Grass up to the foundation everywhere else.

That’s the house after. We ripped up the grass in front of the bushes and expanded the garden.

We carried the garden all the way down the side of the house to the fence we also installed. I don’t have any pictures of this view, or of the lack of fence.

This is the front hall before. Flat. Stark. White. Everywhere. It struck me as rather bright and also unfinished. Boring, even. And most of all, not very welcoming.

So I painted it green and put some plants in there.

And a mirror and carpet.

So. The dining room. I complain about it, and lots of people say, “Oh, it’s not so bad!” Okay, YOU try living in a butter yellow dining room. A dining room that has TWO windows, only one of which is an actual window. Windows that never ever see direct sunlight in the winter, turning the room into a cave:

See? Also, the room is very large, and very broken up. A bookshelf/nook on one wall, bathroom, stairs, cut out in the ceiling where the stairs turn before they actually hit the 2nd floor, doors, etc. And why yes, we do have 2 back doors. One in the (blue) kitchen, and one in the dining room. We never use the one in the dining room. They go to the same place. No, we don’t understand it. Anyway, the bright yellow really emphasized how irregular the room is, and in the winter and at night it took on a really ugly cast that you can’t see in these pictures.


The dining room is still a mess because I just finished this today.  So this is all you get to see. It’s white, let’s be honest. I normally don’t like white (just ask me how I feel about my white cabinets or the white that used to be in the bathroom). But it’s white with a touch of peach! I know, I know, keep telling yourself that. It’s still white, but it gives a nice warm cast to the dining room, especially when the sun is setting. Then you can really see the peach.

Here. See? Look closely. The woodwork is pure (but dirty) white, and the walls are SLIGHTLY peachy. Have I convinced you? Come over and see it for yourself then, jerks.

Here’s the entirely white bathroom. Hated this. I painted this last summer, actually.

I know the whole aqua/brown combination is pretty trendy and will look dated in a few years. But here’s the deal: we have an aqua window in there. The paint looks great with it, so until we change the window, the aqua/brown stays. And more importantly, I really like it. Did you notice how freakishly tiny that bathroom is? Won’t it be fun trying to bathe children in there?

That’s Kevin (isn’t he DREAMY?!) digging post holes for the deck. Yum yum. Our only outdoor space is that skinny little porch up there, the one that gets BAKED by the sun all afternoon and is entirely unpleasant to sit on. It’s also where both back doors lead do.

And three months later…. this is where we are. It’s about 2 feet off the ground at that corner, and is flush with the ground on the far side. Later this year we’ll rip up that grass and it will start being turned into a very large garden full of things like hydrangea, azaleas, butterfly bushes, and lilies. We have a wisteria vine or 6 growing along the fence back there that will eventually fill in and mask the ugly chain link fence. We’re going to put lattice on the two sides that have the posts, and a railing. We’re also going to build a landing between the cement steps and deck so that it’s easier to get onto the deck. Next year, hopefully, we’re going to build a large arbor supported by the two sides that have posts (which will obviously be extended) and grow wisteria over that. The sun sets behind me as I was taking that picture so we can’t sit out there in the summer until after the sun goes down. The arbor will address that issue. Yay!

It’s hard to see in this photo, but that’s a new garden filled with perennials like daisies, bee balm, black eyed susans, and some other things I don’t remember the name of. They all have the ability to get large and bushy so hopefully they will be bigger and more visible against that fence/hedge by next year.

That’s my herb garden. Left to right: thyme, parsley, basil. I also have rosemary in a pot on the porch, lavender and sage in the side garden, and mint on the far side of the house.

Tomatoes and peppers oh boy! The sawhorse is supporting the tomato plant so it doesn’t crush the peppers until I can tie it up better. I also have another tomato plant next to the back stairs, and two peppers tucked into my garden in the front yard. Who says you can’t plant veggies in a flower garden?

So, I guess we have done a lot in the past 15 months or so. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like it.

Things we have to do:

1. Replace 6 windows. Not vital, but needs done.

2. Replace hideous, poorly installed, filthy carpet. Probably will be done after the wedding.

3. Roof needs to be fixed in the back. It isn’t leaking or anything, yet. Should be done next year sometime.

4. Repaint our bedroom. It’s currently the same beige as the living room and other bedrooms. Kind of bleh. That can wait.

5. Repaint the kitchen. All that blue first thing in the morning is enough to knock me over.

6. Replace lighting in the kitchen. I know that track  lighting is trendy and it lights up the counters nicely, but hello. I need a ceiling fan, please.

7. Expand all gardens in general. We’ll eventually have gardens on all sides of the fence that we own to mask it as much as possible. I’d also like a larger vegetable garden, and a tree in the front yard to keep the house cooler.

That’s all I can think of.Thanks for listening to my babble about my house. I think about it a lot.


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You’ve done a LOT of work, and in not much time! It all looks fantastic! In your spare time, wanna come fix mine? 🙂 We’ve been here for 3 years…downstairs, we have 2 pictures hung, the dining room is painted (*cough cough butter yellow cough*), and I painted 2 of the kids’ rooms. Well, no, that’s not true, my MIL painted one of them, I painted the other.

Comment by feuxdeforet

It’s not that I hate butter yellow in general. It looks great in my almost-MIL’s kitchen. Even when I was painting over it, I noticed that it’s a pretty color up close. It just looked terrible in that dining room, and it didn’t look right with my furniture, and it needed to not be there anymore.

I’ll paint your house if you replace my carpet. Preferably with engineered hardwood.

Comment by potpie

You could hate butter yellow, I wouldn’t take offense! I just think it’s funny, you’re the 3rd person on Twitter who has complained of a butter-yellow room…the only 3 I’ve painted happen to be mainly just that color! To each their own!

Engineered hardwood, huh? Hm. Tell you what, when I make some actual money (none of this getting-paid-in-kisses stuff) I’ll think about it. 🙂

Comment by feuxdeforet

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