It’s been a while
January 24, 2009, 9:27 am
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I haven’t complained about the weather in a very long time.

Did you know that we’ve been setting record lows here in Pittsburgh?

It’s been awful. We went for over two weeks with at least trace snowfall every day. There was that one day where I woke up to -7 degree weather, and hiked up cardiac hill to my internship in -5 degrees. I thought my lungs were just going to give up. “Eff you, Katrina! Enough of this crap!” and hop out of my chest, leaving me suffocating on the frozen sidewalk. The dog, who loves the cold and snow and being outside, could only handle it for a few minutes before her snout was all frozen over and her paws had ice in between her toes.

And then yesterday, it went up to 48 degrees. It was a heat wave! The college students, who always react inappropriately to weather, were wearing SHORTS as they skittered about campus, basking in the sunlight.

I know it’s 50 degrees warmer than it was last week, but jeez oh man, people. It’s still only 48 degrees. PUT SOME PANTS ON.

Of course, today it’s only going up to 22. Heave wave = over.



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I wear sweatshirts well past the first day of spring. You never know with Pittsburgh. With my luck, I’d end up leaving the house at 6AM to warm, humid weather and end up trudging through snow in flip flops on the way home.

That morning with the crazy coldness? I was out at 6AM putting gas in my car, and couldn’t make it to $2.00 before my fingers were paralyzed. I had to sit on my hands for 10 minutes before I could even touch the steering wheel.

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