January 20, 2009, 9:30 am
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We have picked out a house. After touring every house in the South Hills (or at least it seemed like it) we’ve settled on one.

Is it perfect? No. Two of the bedrooms are really small and will be quickly outgrown once we kick Roommate out of the nest and start makin’ babies. It’s not really in my preferred style. It’s not in Dormont, and I love Dormont.

But it’s perfect for now. We’re doing this rather quickly and without our finances completely in line. For instance, I don’t have a job and am still in school. My money/income are not being involved at all, so it’s just Bear. He’s going to bring himself down to not too much with a down payment and closing costs, so we don’t want to walk into a house and have the furnace poop out on us or something. That’s just asking for disaster. The reason we went with this one is it was one of the cheaper options, but it also is fully upgraded. All the important big-ticket items are newer: roof, furnace, AC, hw heater, windows, etc. It comes with all appliances, including a dishwasher and washer/dryer. The kitchen and bathrooms are new. We won’t have to pay much more in the near future, so we can stay in the financial straight and narrow while I try to get employed and we save up for other things.

That’s a big relief. Also, it has a big flat yard for the dog to run around like a lunatic, and its close to public transportation that can easily get me to downtown and Oakland. If I get a job in either of those places, I won’t have to buy a car. Woo!

So, we’re meeting with Larry The Real Estate Agent Who Doesn’t Know How to Use A GPS Navigator tonight to make the official offer, and we’ll see how it goes. Hopefully, they take our offer immediately and we can get everything rolling, because we just found out that we can’t extend our lease month to month and absolutely positively MUST be out of our apartment by March 31. Asses.

You might say that I am a little stressed. Hoping to find a good job in the Pittsburgh area by or around graduation, hoping to not be homeless come March 31, hoping for the best in everything. All while trying to actually graduate, keep the dog fed, myself healthy, the sidewalk free of snow and the kitchen reasonably clean.

I may or may not take to drinking.


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ooh good luck! I’m living in a 2-br apartment, and it would be nice to get into a house eventually. We don’t have any money saved for that though, so we’ll be renting for awhile. No biggie.

I hope that your offer is accepted and you’re able to move without a problem!

By the way…yes the Pittsburgh accent is really something else! It cracks me up.

Comment by Kacie

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