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October 30, 2008, 12:00 pm
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We went to Beaver County.

Mostly to exercise the dog, because nothing beats an exhausted puppy.

It was only a 40 minute drive west to Raccoon Creek State Park.

We wanted a last jaunt in the fall foliage, wandering around the woods, and generally airing the stink off of us.

But actually, we went there to pose in the middle of a field, next to a dead log with a nice red tree over us for the nicest picture of both of us that will ever be taken of us again.

It’s a damn shame that we couldn’t have reserved that picture for our wedding day, but whatever.

(Roommate! took all of these)


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Two thoughts:

1. Do you only keep Roommate! around so that you an tell people that you have your own photographer? I can understand it. Many times I’ve wished I had my own personal paparazzi to capture all of the stylish from-the-back shots that I miss out on.

2. You’re still in your early twenties, stop dressing like a mom. Turtlenecks exist to hide the lack of elasticity of your aging underchin skin.

Comment by Dan

That is a beautiful shot. Beautiful couple, beautiful dog.

Comment by Kerblotto

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