July 25, 2008, 10:07 am
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I guess I was hoping for a miracle, or a fairy tale ending. Something so beautiful, heart-felt and funny only happens in chick flicks, and those always end well.

Not so much this time.

Randy Pausch died last night. It’s nothing we didn’t see coming, and yet, I still didn’t see it coming.

I’m going to go check out his book now.

Edit: (because I’m too ashamed to blog 3 times in one day, especially when I have a paper to write and a collection to develop.)

I just read his book in oh, 2 hours. Very easy read, poor choice to do it at work. In a library. Out in public. I was that person tilting her head back, and snorting quietly to avoid slipping into the loud grunts of crying. And I don’t even KNOW these people!

So, yea. Go read it. Preferably with tissues, and in the privacy of your own home.

Pittgirl just discussed his death, and she put it very well: he gave us perspective. Death is something we will all encounter and he did it so well. Is that something to aspire to? Dying well? Yes. Yes it is. But more importantly, he LIVED well, even when he was dying. So many things I agree with: we are raising children with a false sense of self esteem. Self esteem comes from being challenged and rising to the occasion, not from a pat on the head and a generic trophy. We are becoming more selfish: we need to attempt, in life and in death, to think of the people around us, especially the ones closest to us. We need to have fun, in everything we do. We need to challenge ourselves in these things and more, every minute of every day for the rest of our lives. Even when we’re dying.

In the end, the biggest thing I can think of to say, and also the smallest: Bear is simply not allowed to die on me. Hear me? You are not allowed to die, and that’s final.


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