WHOA! There’s a lot of pee here.
July 24, 2008, 8:13 am
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Three years ago, I had an awful summer. We’ve already been over why it was awful.

I spent a lot of that summer eating blueberries and Pepperidge Farm cookies.

I also spent a lot of that summer not sleeping. It was too hard to sleep. So I just didn’t. I stayed up late, usually on the internet. Usually while eating blueberries and Pepperidge Farm cookies.

I read an article in the New York Times about a blogger named Stephanie Klein. I promptly visited her site, and then spent the rest of the summer reading it. The entire thing.

What? I told you it was an awful summer. Some people turn to booze. I turned to local produce, over-priced cookies and blogs. You explain yours, and I’ll explain mine.

That was the only blog I read for a long time. For some reason, I thought she was the only one around. I didn’t really bother to look for more. I loved her writing style, and her scarves, and I thought she was funny. She was a distraction, one I desperately needed in 2005.

I kept reading her, long after that summer ended. I still read her 3 years later. When I started, she was single, living in New York City, living it up. I think she was still working at her job at that point. Now, she’s living in Texas, has written 2 books, made two babies, and is married. How things have changed.

I am now a grad student, my dad is better, and I’m living in Pittsburgh full time. I have also found a whole pile of other bloggers to read. I even recently upgraded to an RSS feed because I was wasting too much time checking each blog. Hell, I even have my own blog now!

But Stephanie Klein is still my first.

And. AND!

She started following me on twitter last night. I didn’t even know she had twitter. I wasn’t following her. And then I woke up this morning and BAM! I HAD AN EMAIL SAYING SHE WAS FOLLOWING ME ON TWITTER.



How did she find me? I write absolutely nothing of any substance on twitter, or here for that matter. I’ve left comments on her blog, participated in comment section discussions, and that sort of thing. WHY IS SHE FOLLOWING ME!?

Phew. I have been excited about it all morning. I would forget about it for a while (like when my dog was being an ass) and then I would remember and be all excited about it again! I feel like I need to start writing something of substance on twitter, because MY GOD. STEPHANIE KLEIN IS FOLLOWING ME. MUST DO GOOD. I’m sure it is nothing special, I bet she follows lots of people. I bet she won’t even notice what I have to say in my daily life on twitter, but STILL. PEEING. MY PANTS.

She was on a panel with DOOCE, for crap’s sake. My other favorite blogger. I know saying that dooce is my favorite blogger is about as cool and original and saying that I love The Catcher In the Rye, everybody loves dooce and The Catcher in the Rye. Whatever. I’ve never read The Cathcer in the Rye, but I have nearly pissed myself on many occasions while reading dooce.

STEPHANIE KLEIN IS FOLLOWING ME ON TWITTER. Excuse me while I go pee myself. I promise I’ll clean it up, I have about 6 different kinds of carpet cleaners geared towards dealing with urine because of a certain animal. One of them has to work.


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