I’m going to try SCIENCE!
July 23, 2008, 2:24 pm
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I had my screening appointment for the drug trial that I will be participating in yesterday.

This is what I learned:

1. I lost 3 lbs. Boo. Guess I need to bake brownies.

2. My blood pressure is still astonishingly low! People are still astonished by it! Even though every medical record I have mentions my astonishingly low blood pressure! Yesterday it was 102/76, which is actually fairly high for me. What’s really astonishing is that I don’t pass out very much. (I get this from my mother. Since she’s so very tall, she does pass out occasionally, especially after giving blood. The vampires at the blood bank have extra juice and cookies ready for her when she arrives.)

3. I am not pregnant! The study is not approved for pregnant woman. They don’t think it will produce a monster baby, but they don’t know for certain, so they can’t even risk it. Therefore, I will be given a pregnancy test every month before I can start taking the drug.

Funny enough, I can only take the drug during my period. They can’t give the drug to me until I start it, in fact. Wouldn’t you think that would be evidence enough? I guess not. This is science, after all. Must! Document! EVERYTHING!

I will announce the state of occupancy of my uterus every month. I promise.

8 days until all schoolwork for this semester is over. Eight. Days.


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Kudos on not being pregnant.

Comment by Dan

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