Trail Mix for the weekend
July 11, 2008, 8:58 am
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So, I’m still a follower.

But hey look! You too can be a follower! YOU CAN FOLLOW ME! Due to my awesome technical skillz, I figured out (WITH NO HELP WHATSOEVER) how to put twitter on my blog. Look to the right! It’s right there!

Actually, Dan sent me some links that taught me how to do it. With only minor technical difficulties, I was able to make it work. Wee!

So, uh, thanks, Dan. I’m still not letting you have the reserves seat, though. Sorry.

Anyways. In other news on the Dormont home front, a certain puppy doggie has developed mad magical skillz (that’s the last time I say that, I promise). Yesterday, she managed to push her crate 2 feet from the wall, and get a hold of a paper bag which she then ripped to shreds. And probably ate some of it too. Mmm, fiber. Because she needs to poop more than she already does, clearly.

That might not seem that impressive. She’s a puppy, right? Puppies are strong and persistent and destructive, especially if left alone.

Will you be more impressed if I tell you that she did all that while LOCKED INSIDE HER CRATE? Because she did. I am having images of her growing into super dog, with the crate around her torso, and her head and legs sticking out of it. You never know. The dog’s got mad skillz (HA! really, that’s the last time).

Dan just told me that my blog is too much about me. Well, fine then.

Here, have some reading material. I’m sure you need something to do while you’re on the pot this weekend.

In case you thought that political correctness was incorrect: you’re right!

In case you thought that the Brits really have gone out of their bloody minds: you’re right!

Seriously, you need to read the 2nd article. Have they spent any time at all around small children? If not, here are some rules they need to follow:

1. Children are inherently assholes. They will be assholey about anything, including their food. It turns into a power struggle.

2. Children are inherently conservative. They are cautious and distrustful of change. In fact, they tend to resist change. If they have not been eating spicy food every day for their short lives, they probably will reject it if you hand it to them. And if you force it on them, they will become assholes about it and resist completely.

So, children will not be thrilled about being handed weird food. That doesn’t make them racist; it makes them children.


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