July 7, 2008, 8:49 am
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I am a naughty, naughty BlogMistress. I deserve to be spanked for my naughtiness. I have not updated with anything of substance for a while. I’m a bad girl.

Right, enough of that.

WE GOT A DOG! Her name is Katie. I will post pictures later. Or maybe tomorrow. It’s hard to tell- why should I blog when I have a PUPPY who is adorable and wants to go for walks and catch balls and cuddle? I dare you to answer that question with anything but “of course not! Don’t blog! GO PLAY WITH YOUR PUPPY!”

She is 8 months old, a mix between a Newfoundland and something smaller. She black, and soft, and silky, and sweet as pie. I know this because I’ve chewed on her. Sometimes I have a hard time not rolling her up in pita bread, smothering her with mayonnaise and eating her in one gulp. She’s cute enough for at least a little nibble.

You know infrared cameras? They detect heat and form an image out of it. I wish they made something similar for detecting utter adoration, because Katie would have some pretty strong pictures. Especially when Bear is around- Bear is her savior, and she loves him. In fact, you might say she follows him like a lovesick puppy. Because she really does.

So yes. Doggie, cuteness, awww, pictures later. Maybe.


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