Just kidding
July 1, 2008, 8:30 am
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Remember how yesterday, I was all melodramatic and sad and stuff because I thought my Grandma was going to die?

Well, she still is.

Except not in the foreseeable future.

First of all, my parents are really terrible with the whole “communication” thing. I got a phone call from my mom on Friday, saying that Grandma was at the ER, and they were taking her back to the retirement home and bringing hospice in, and it wasn’t looking good. And then my dad sent out an email saying that Grandma was praying for death and refusing treatment.

Except that the email wasn’t true, apparently? They gave her a major antibiotic for her infection, and she was better by the next day and improving every day since.

Nobody mentioned this to me until last night. Thanks for the update, dudes. Way to be all over the communication thing.

So, all of my readers (Hi Roommate!) can stop being worried about Grandma. She’s the ever-ready bunny, and probably won’t die.

At least not this week, she won’t.

When she does, I doubt my parents will mention it to me until a week later. It’ll be all, “Oh, hai! What’s shakin’? Mmmhmm, mmhmm. Grandma’s funeral was nice. What? You didn’t know she died? Whoops, mah bad. We were wondering why you didn’t show up. Figured you had a library test or something. Don’t worry, we’ll remember to tell you when Nana dies, kay?”


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