People will never lie to you, part 3.
June 19, 2008, 9:07 am
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This, I believe.

I believe that it is our obligation in our lives to do our very best to ensure that we help people who are less fortunate than ourselves. I believe this not just because of my faith, but also because I know it is the right thing to do. “Those to whom much is given, much is expected.” This, I believe.

And yet, I am of a conservative mindset. I do not believe in taxes, welfare or government-mandated income redistribution. This should be a paradox, correct?

If you believe that, then you don’t really understand conservativism.

Think of this: If you have an income that falls below the line to receive welfare, you have an incentive to not get a job. Say the line for you is $15,000 a year. You make about $14,000. Your welfare checks give you an extra $5,000, bringing your total income to $19,000. That’s still a very poor situation to be in, frankly. You are given the opportunity to get a slightly better job, one that pays you $16,000. With that job, you would lose your welfare benefits. You would have $3,000 less per year. That’s substantial. That can be the difference between barely scraping by and having to turn to drugs or prostitution to provide for your family. So, you don’t take the better job. You stay on welfare. You never get ahead because you’re literally being paid to remain in poverty.

We are paying people to stay poor. That’s immoral. You can twist and spin it, saying that welfare is only temporary and that they provide training opportunities. But when you really boil it down, we are paying poor people to stay poor.

This, I believe.

I also don’t agree with the cap and trade idea, or carbon limits. This isn’t because I am a greedy oil man. This isn’t because I want to be able to spew carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, or waste precious fuel joyriding in my huge Hummer. In fact, I don’t even own a car, and I’m hoping that when I get a job, I will be able to put off car ownership for a long time by using public transportation.

Instead, it is because I believe that those kinds of limits will crush the poor. The countries that produce the greatest amount of pollution and greenhouse gases are those that are developing, because their technologies are primitive. If you put limits on them, you will limit their ability to grow and prosper in any way close to what developed countries have. You will force them to stay 3rd world, poor, desolate places. You will force them to continue dying of diseases we eradicated years ago. You will force their babies to continue to starve to death.

Yes, it will effect us as well. But the higher your income is, the smaller the proportion of it will have to go to deal with higher energy costs. When a poor person has to deal with high energy costs, that percentage cuts into their food, shelter, and health care budgets. Limits on energy will first hurt the desolate poor people in foreign countries. Then it will effect the poor in our country. Either way, it hurts the poor the most. That is immoral.

And then there’s healthcare. If we were to switch to universal health care, the quality of health care would go down. Along the border of Canada in New England, there are a number of high quality health care clinics. They mostly serve the rich Canadians who are willing to pay cash for MRIs, surgery, etc. Things that they would have to wait in line for months to receive in Canada under their socialist system. That means that the poorer people who can’t afford to drive to Maine and pay out of pocket for care are getting substantially worse care than the rich. Again, this affects the poor more than it affects the wealthy. That is immoral.

And yet, I am of the evil, selfish, greedy sector of the political spectrum. It’s funny how these things play out.

People will never lie to you, not if you really pay attention. There is a certain group of people in our country who say that they want to help the poor, close the gap between the rich, help the middle class. They want to do these things using methods that are obviously going to hurt the poor far more than they will hurt the rich. They aren’t lying to you, not in their actions. They are deceiving you with pretty words, but they are totally honest when you look at their behavior.

This, I truly believe.


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