This is totally politically incorrect.
May 7, 2008, 2:10 pm
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Today, I commuted to Oakland for the first time! It was so exciting. I enjoyed it a lot.

Except for a few things. While waiting at my T stop, and then on the T, I had to listen to a particularly irritating girl talking on her cell phone, complaining about her “not boyfriend” that she “is so in love with”, who is sleeping with two other women and won’t give them up for her, but also won’t leave her alone and she just loves him so much and can’t get rid of him.

If you have a guy that you’re regularly sleeping with, and he won’t let you call him your boyfriend, or stop sleeping with other women (even though you have to stop sleeping with other men), here’s a hint. HE DOESN’T LOVE YOU. HE IS USING YOU. DROP THAT SH*T.

I felt bad for the friend because she had to listen to that crap. Oh wait, no I feel bad for myself because I was forced to listen to that against my will. Rape listening. Blah.

and then, AND THEN, while walking through downtown, I passed a young, black, obviously poor woman who was very very pregnant (or possibly fat in a weird way. You can’t assume for certain that someone is pregnant unless you see the baby coming out of their vagina at that moment. But I digress.) and SMOKING. A CIGARETTE.

If you’re black, poor, pregnant, and probably unmarried, your kid is already disadvantaged from the get-go. WHY WOULD YOU MAKE HIM MORESO?

I know, totally politically incorrect. I shouldn’t assume she’s pregnant, let alone poor and unmarried. But statistically? I totally can. And regardless, if she is pregnant, she’s still smoking. And that’s still setting the kid up for a sucky life. If you’re making that bad decision now, you’ve made a lot of others, and you will continue making them. People tend to be consistent in their behaviors. Bizarre, but consistent.

And it pisses me off. Why? The obvious reason of just being blatantly stupid comes to mind, as well as risking the life/health of an unborn baby. And then there’s the fact that HEY LOOK. THERE GO MY TAX DOLLARS WALKING DOWN THE STREET.

I bet the only reason she wasn’t drinking was the open container laws.

Yes, I am politically incorrect. And judgmental. And I make assumptions. But you know I’m right.


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