So, I’m alive
April 29, 2008, 10:35 pm
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I know I have been a bad, bad blog mistress. BAD! I probably deserve a spanking?

Wait, no. Crap. Now “spanking blogmistress” will be yet another way porn-seekers will find their way to my corner of The Internet.

In other news, I am back East with Mama and Papa. They are feeding me, and I am sleeping a lot, because I spent the last week sleeping on the floor for maybe a few hours. It is delightful.

However, I am not allowed to be a grownup. Mama! and I started the search for The Suit. The rite of womanhood in this day of the career woman. In our never-ending pit of Cheapness, we started the The Outlets. Our search was fruitless. Apparently, suits only come in size 4 and above, and the sizes are inflated. To say the least, the skirts fell off me, and the jackets made me look like I was playing dress-up in my mother’s work clothes. 

I know, I know. To be so miserable. My tiara is too tight, and these fifties won’t fit in my pocket. Blah blah blah. I’m still cranky about it.

I’m going to go eat more of my mother’s delicious cherry pie, in hopes of being big enough to be a grownup soon. 


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