What I won’t say
April 25, 2008, 7:34 am
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I won’t talk about how I spent 8 hours waiting at the new apartment yesterday, waiting for the Comcast technician to install our cable and internet, and he didn’t show up until nearly 4 hours after the end of the 12pm-4pm appointment span, after 2 angry phone calls and 1 trip halfway back to Oakland. Because that would just raise my blood pressure.

I won’t talk about how I came about 3 inches from being hit by an SUV as I was crossing a street in Oakland two days ago, even though I was making eye contact with him, and he still didn’t slow down a bit, or even acknowledge that he came close to hitting me after I screamed at him. Because that woud also raise my blood pressure.

I won’t talk about how it took my absentee roommate 4 days to get me a carpet cleaner, when she promised to have it to me weeks ago. Again, because of the blood pressure.

I won’t talk about how I didn’t get what I needed to get done yesterday, because I was stuck in Dormont waiting for a Comcast technician.

I won’t talk about all the windows I’ve cleaned, corners I’ve dusted, and carpets I’ve vacuumed, only to feel like the apartment just keeps getting dirtier, because then you would know how analretentive I am.

I won’t talk about how we need to be out of the apartment by noon tomorrow, and it seems like we’ll never be done.

I won’t talk about how I’m feeling a little sad about leaving this apartment, the apartment I’ve spent 2 years in, half of my college years. It looks so empty and I’m going to miss it, even though I can’t wait to get out of Oakland.

I won’t talk about how I’m feeling a little apprehensive about leaving college, because I don’t feel like I’m educated or smart enough to call myself a college graduate.

I won’t talk about how I’m apprehensive about my graduation party, because my dad keeps threatening to introduce Bear to my relatives (most of whom have already met him) as “that guy you’re boinking”, because then you’ll know how desperately inappropriate my family tends to be.

Instead, I’ll just give you a fact of the day that I learned from the oh-so-reputable “Today Show”:

A single cow produces 90 lbs of manure each day. A SINGLE COW.


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Sounds like a really bad day/week!

What I WILL talk about is how you need to call Comcast and complain! We were having Direct TV issues so called last weekend and they scheduled a tech to come out during that infamous 4-hour time period of 4-8 p.m. Tuesday night. He calls at 8:45 p.m. and says he is 45 minutes away and do we still want him to come! Of course we said no. Hubby gets on phone to reschedule (gotta get it fixed before the next Pens game for sure or we would both be spitting nails at someone!)…….gets put on hold twice with two different people for a total of 35 minutes and then GETS DISCONNECTED!!!!!!!!!!!!! Calls back, lady says “How are you today?” and he says NOT VERY GOOD and tells her how he gave up working overtime to be home for the guy who never showed up and then got put on hold for 35 minutes only to get disconnected. She says “Please hold” (to which he replied “Am I going to get disconnected AGAIN?”) and she comes back on and said she was crediting our bill $100!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Comment by Bonnie from Murrysville

You should have spit on the guy who almost hit you.

Comment by Dan

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