Peeping Tom
April 17, 2008, 3:24 pm
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I like having things done in advance. I have running lists of things to do cycling through my head all the time. It’s rare for me to forget something. This is why I’m that person in class who thinks that papers are done a week before they actually are (I’ve done this twice this semester alone). I usually end up stressing out unnecessarily: things end up being a lot easier than I thought, I’m finished earlier than I thought, all is well in whoville. When that’s not the case, I still have plenty of time to get everything done. This is just the way I am. Annoying to most, I know.

This move to Fort Dormont is no different. I started packing weeks ago. We already have 2 carloads of crap over there. I’m going to be packing more stuff in the now empty boxes to go tomorrow night. We don’t even move furniture until Saturday/Sunday. I regularly think of other things that I need to do and add them to my cycle.

It was this level of distraction from planning that caused me to walk into my downstairs neighbors’ kitchen last night. The doors are right next to eachother, and I picked the one on the left. I smelled dinner cooking, and instead of a stairwell, I was confronted with a slightly darker version of my own kitchen. “Oh shit, sorry!” I said, to no one, and packed out quickly, running upstairs.

Who leaves their doors unlocked, anyways?


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