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April 16, 2008, 10:03 am
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So, I haven’t been writing with usual prolific volume, but whatever. Deal with it.

What has happened in my absence? Well, I am 22 now. It’s pretty uneventful. I got some cards. And cookies. That’s about it. Andrea was here, which definitely made my weekend.

Speaking of Andrea, and in light of the crazy airline issues that seem to be perpetually in the news, she did not have her luggage the whole time she was here. At all. Not one bit. This was in punishment for one thing: she was blessed with a ticket switcheroo that caused her to get to Pittsburgh 3 (THREE) hours early AND was given a $300 voucher for her “trouble”. Of course, this had to be punished. Her luggage did not show up with her. At first they thought it might be on the original flights she was supposed to take, so we milled around Ikea, ate some meatballs, and went back to grab it. Was it there? Of course not! So, then they thought it might just be delayed, but they really had no idea where it was. We found out on Sunday morning that it went to HOUSTON. Yes, the one in Texas. Andrea did not go to Houston. She did not go south of Pittsburgh, even. She was never supposed to go to Houston, either. So, Houston called, and said that they had her luggage and they would be sending it along to Pittsburgh shortly.

So, of course, what happened? It got lost. Between Houston and Pittsburgh. Nobody knew where it was in the meantime. By the time she left on Tuesday morning, it had finally arrived back in Pittsburgh. Oddly enough, she didn’t need it anymore. She rechecked it and prayed to God that it wouldn’t end up in Anchorage.

And the airlines wonder why they’re performing so poorly. If I ever fly anywhere, I will not check anything. I will rewear the same 3 outfits for 2 weeks if need be. It’s JUST. NOT. WORTH. THE. HASSLE. That’s why they made Febreze and deodorant, people.

You might wonder what Andrea wore while she was here? Nothing of course. She walked around naked the whole time. And at night, we had topless pillow fights. What else would you expect.

(Lies. No topless pillow fights. Bear and Roommate! probably wish there were, though.)

We also picked up the keys to FORT DORMONT! It is even awesomer than I thought. This is because it is now empty, and not full of a bunch of guys and their crap and their huge TV and their total lack of organization. There is lots of storage and space and its usable space unlike my current apartment. We took one car load of crap there on Monday night, dropped it in the living room, and then left.

But not before we attempted to meet our downstairs neighbors (we have the 2nd and 3rd floors of an old victorian house. The first floor is a 1 bedroom apartment). We knocked on the door twice, more loudly the 2nd time. They heard us thumping around upstairs. They were SITTING NEXT TO THE DOOR. Nobody answered. I can only hope that they are deaf, and hence did not hear the knock, but I doubt that, because I heard them talking. I guess they are just rude. Oh joy.

I am very excited. My excitement wasn’t even diminished by this tirade against my soon-to-be living arrangement. I bend towards the conservative end of things, but clearly not in every way, because, uh, COHABITATION? I like to read NRO because I am somewhat in agreement with their opinions on economics and politics, and marginally on social issues. But this? This made my blood boil. I also know that in about 7-8 hours, I will get a phone call from my parents, wishing to read this to me.

These will be my responses:

1. CONFOUNDING VARIABLES. Correlation does not equal causation. People do not behave in the statistics the way they do JUST because they do or do not cohabit before marriage. Many other things go into that outcome because (gasp) PEOPLE ARE MULTIFACETED. If you want me to refute this about every statistic they give (from higher rates of divorce and poverty to increased child abuse), I will. But not here.

2. TERRIBLE BIBLICAL SUPPORT. Quoting St. Paul saying “Flee fornication” is a poor choice to support your argument. If you’d actually READ the 1st letter to the Corinthians, you would realize that Paul was a bitter old curmudgeon who was opposed to ALL sex and ALL marriage. When he says flee fornication, he means to avoid it ALTOGETHER. Forever! NO SEX. EVER. No marriage, either. The only reason to get married is if you can’t control your urges, and it’s better to be married than to be humping trees or prostitutes. If you can’t control yourself, you’re doomed anyways. How in the world is that a good person to use to support your argument that MARRIAGE IS GOOD? That’s what I thought. It’s not. If you don’t believe me, go read the first letter to the Corinthians.


With that in mind, go read this! It is funny! Airlines might be aggravating (see above), but the PEOPLE who use the airlines are even worse. I believe every word of this because I work in a university library, dealing with supposed highly-educated individuals, and I find myself scratching my head at their inquiries. To deal with the general public? Must be substantially worse.


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Tsk, tsk, I can see you beginning to lose respect for Bear already. Just look what it’s done to your relationship with Roommate!!

Comment by Dan

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