Are you ready for my birthday?
April 11, 2008, 12:50 pm
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Today, someone found my blog by searching, “skinny hairy man”. SUCCESS! YOU HAVE FOUND ONE. His name is Bear. He is skinny as a rail, with so much leg hair that it looks like has pants on ALL THE TIME!

However, he is mine. You may not have him. My skinny hairy man. I’m glad we cleared that up.

My birthday is in 2 days. I will be 22. I already got my birthday presents of consequence. My mom bought me mah pearls on the cruise. It’s not like she could sneakily buy them and give them to me later. The cruise was a month ago, and I was ready to buy them for myself, credit card in hand and everything when she swooped in all, “I’ll buy them. They’ll be your birthday present.” FINE. BUY ME JEWELRY A MONTH BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY. SEE IF I CARE. I’ll wear them every day except the days I forget jewelry in RETALIATION.

Bear gave me my birthday present over a month ago, also, when he got back from New Orleans (Nwarlins). I told him a while ago that the only piece of jewelry I am craving (besides a big rock, but that doesn’t count) is a big amber pendant. With a bug in it. I know, peculiar, but that’s me. He got really excited about it, too. He knows I love amber in general (who DOESN’T want a chunk of really old tree sap?!), so he’s been keeping an eye out for amber for me. The bug will probably come later, like after he’s employed full time? With money? And stuff? But I’ll accept amber in the meantime. He found some beautiful silver and amber dangly earrings for me in a shop down there, and was SO VERY EXCITED that he COULD NOT CONTAIN HIS EXCITEMENT UNTIL MY BIRTHDAY BECAUSE IT WAS SO VERY FAR AWAY. So, FINE. Give me jewelry a month early! SEE IF I CARE.

He is going to give me a card on Sunday, though. Just because. And my mom sent me two batches of homemade oatmeal cookies with a card. Because I asked nicely. They are tasty, and no you can’t have any.

Also, my favorite Andrea is visiting from SYRACUSE this weekend. There are so many ways that I am excited about that. We’re going to look at apartments for her when she moves here this summer. YAY BEST FRIEND IN SAME CITY. How convenient. She is also bringing cheesecake. For mah birfday. But it is up in the air whether it will be allowed on the plane (HAHA punny), so we’ll see. I will understand if her birthday baked goods do not make it to Pittsburgh, I GUESS. I am just so happy she is visiting.

Hopefully, Sunday won’t be rainy/snow like it looks like it might be. WEATHER GODS. DO NOT DISAPPOINT ME.


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