Senioritis Edition
April 9, 2008, 12:36 pm
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So let’s check out the old grades thus far.

1. Varieties of Early Christianity class: JOKE! If I stop going to class and don’t take the final, I will get a 78. Yes. THIS IS NOT A REAL CLASS.

2. Intro to Archaeology: If I skip the rest of the semester, I will get a 68. Slightly more of a real class, but still not much.

3. Medieval lit: Class CANCELED today. Kick ass. I don’t know the percentages of this class, but I do know that we have an exam next week, and that is it. It is take home. You figure that out. During our two classes next week, we will be watching a movie. Yes, this IS a college class. Shocking, right? I didn’t know they had cameras back then, either!

4. Bio Senior Seminar: I already gave my two presentations. I just have to write 2 one-page papers this week and next week. The bulk of my grade is in. It’s only a 1 credit class.

5. Lit Senior Seminar: Half our grade is our final paper, so I could theoretically still fail. However, I have minor changes to make to my paper and then I have to turn it into a presentation and present next Tuesday.

Ipso facto, I have very little to do for the rest of the semester. I have no finals. As of next Thursday (April 17), I will be done with college.

SO! Might as well blog, right? Right!

My birthday is this Sunday. I am underwhelmed. 22 isn’t that exciting, and I am more interested in finishing school, moving and starting grad school. However, my mom sent me oatmeal cookies in the mail today as my birthday baked good. So, that’s exciting.

Also, I need to give a shoutout to all the people who are finding me via searches for a euphemism for penis, specifically the hairy kind. I didn’t know they made hairy penises? And then there are various permutations for that, mixed with “bear” (I know where that came from, but what are YOU searching for?!), poo, and coach, among others. So, hey! Welcome to mah blog. Let me give you my deepest, and sincerest, apologies that this is NOT what you were looking for. Judging from the fact that many people are sent here from those searches, and only view the main page, I am assuming you probably won’t even get far enough to read this. I’m sure you’re all, “what? What’s that bridge? Who’s getting a transplant in Pittsburgh? What is potpie? Is that like a drug with a pie shell? nah. Where are my hairy male genitals? Screw this!” and then you peace out. I respect that. Why stick around reading someone babble about Pittsburgh and weather and boring crap when you have PORN to check out.

However, if you DO stay around, I am sorry. There will be no genitals, no matter how long you read this.

At least the searches for “colon cleansing” have tapered off. Oh whoops! I’m sure I just ruined that.


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I don’t know why you’re still in my blogroll, since I only come here looking for gay porn. That said, I’m consistently disappointed by your blog.

Comment by Dan

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