Because, dude, peregrine falcons!
April 4, 2008, 12:27 pm
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Pitt’s peregrine falcon apparently flies the coop

Whoa! Erie has left us! Dorothy has a new man! Either Erie has upgraded his model to a trophy-bird, or Dorothy kicked his lazy, baby-makin’ butt out of the Cathedral. Regardless, the stud who sired 20 (TWENTY!) babies to Dorothy has moved on to greener pastures, figurative or otherwise. What will they name Dorothy’s new arm candy? Superior? Michigan? I, for one, think he needs to be named something clever, preferably referencing his man-whore-ish-ness.

This one isn’t Erie. It is just a stock peregrine falcon found on The Internet. But awww, as Pitt Girl would say, who’s a good little pigeon killer? You are! You are!

Personally, my all time favorite picture to ever come out of the Pitt News (not much good ever comes out of the Pitt News) was a close up of Dorothy or Erie munching on the dead carcass of a pigeon. Yummy! I sent it to my mom, and she was grossed out. I also have a theory that the reason we have skinny pigeons around the Cathedral is because the falcons give them regular exercises as they chase them around. The downtown pigeons  are fat because they get less exercise. I actually saw one fall off a curb once. It was so fat it waddled, and couldn’t fly. It kind of rolled around and floundered for a while before it hauled it’s fat ass up on its legs. Damn pigeons.

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