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April 3, 2008, 9:31 am
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One that isn’t all sad and depressing and crap.

List of pet peeves (believe me, there are many):

1. People who drag their feet when they walk. wssh wssh wssh wssh every step OMG WTF.

2. The girls who need a basic lesson in makeup. You know, things like this: I know you have acne, but caking heavy foundation on it is just making it worse. Vicious cycle, but you need to break it. Or the ones who think that bright red lipstick looks really good on them all day every day, even if they are pale as ghosts with dry, chapped lips. Or the heavy heavy eyeshadow up to their brow bone. Honestly, chickies? If I see you at the library, you’re probably a college student, and this is probably as pretty as you’ll ever be, for better or worse. Live it up, and don’t hide under all that make up. A little isn’t bad: the eastern european in me requires coverup every morning on my HUGE DARK CIRCLES under my eyes, or they might eat my face. Who doesn’t love a little lipgloss? And if you don’t have eyelashes (raises hand), mascara is useful. But a full face is overkill. Chances are you’re better off with no makeup.

3. Slow walkers.

4. People who refuse to ever touch a Mac, even when there’s a line at the computer lab and there are 3 Macs open. It confuses people when you just stand there, and we don’t want to jump ahead of you. But we do anyways. BECAUSE YOU LACK ANY SENSE OF ADVENTURE. Oh, and PCs suck.

Also, my professors told me today that I have a peculiar sense of humor. I am glad that they’ve recognized this wonderful quality in me.


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