Something wicked this way comes…
April 1, 2008, 10:46 am
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So it’s 61 degrees today. Yay, right? Yay?

I shouldn’t complain, because it IS warm. It is finally being somewhat seasonable. You know, no more snow and bitter cold. I slept with my window cracked last night, allowing the cool spring breezes to gently caress me as I slept… under my WarmerWeight Permabaffle Down Comforter of Joy. I woke up to the happy chirps and tweets of spring birds outside my window… and the trash guys hauling away my 6 bags of junk that cleaned out of my apartment over the weekend. It is a little humid. My hair is rising to the occasion. It might be warm, but it is overcast and dreary. Sweaty armpit-esque. It keeps trying to rain, and then stopping. And then starting. Like a 70 year old man with an enlarged prostate, it just can’t keep up the water pressure to do anything substantial. Spurts and sputters, if you will. The Smell of Oakland is drifting out of manholes, nauseating bile out of the stomach of the city. Bits of green are popping out here and there, buds on trees, daffodils creeping out of the ground but not blooming yet. It’s still overwhelmingly brown and gray.

But, I should be happy, right? It’s spring, and it’s April, and it’s better than cold and snowy. Nobody ever said that giving birth to new life was squeaky clean and pleasant.


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