How to Vacuum your Fridge.
March 31, 2008, 8:36 am
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I found myself vacuuming my fridge this weekend. Not with a full sized sweeper, but with a dust buster. I realized it was time to oh, you know, prepare to move. And we hadn’t cleaned the fridge since oh, never. Gross, right? Oh well. Clean it I did. It is now so sparkling clean inside and out that you could probably eat in it, if you wanted. However, I found a layer of crumbs at the very bottom, under the produce drawers, and decided that vacuuming them up would be easier.

So I did. ROOMMATE! came in and laughed at me. If only we had a camera that had batteries. OH WELL. Use your imagination. Whatever you think it looked like, it probably did.

We got a lot done this weekend. Cleaning, packing, organizing, throwing stuff away (I believe in the SCORCHED EARTH policy of moving). And yet, after 9 hours of hard work on Saturday, I feel that the apartment is less organized than it was before.

And then, I found five dollars! Except, I actually did. In my book shelf. One has to wonder how that happened. One also has to wonder how my book collection has grown so much since I moved here 2 years. Oh wait, just kidding. I’m an English major, and a future librarian. I THINK IT’S PRETTY CLEAR HOW IT HAPPENED.

The next few weeks are going to involve:

1. Finishing up my undergraduate career. (NO FINALS, THOUGH!)

2. Moving (pick up keys on April 14th, begin to slowly move carloads of crap over, do all the furniture on the 19th, finish cleaning old apartment during finals week.

3. Turn 22 (APRIL 13th, MARK IT DOWN.)

4. Graduate (Bio ceremony on the 26th, English ceremony on the 27th)

5. Go home for a week, have a graduation party with The Family.

I also need to deal with my mother. She’s not dealing well with The Shacking Up of 2008. She knows better than to be explicitly pissed at me for it, but she is. She thinks I’m living in sin and making a mistake. Maybe I am. But her biggest concern isn’t that, it’s more what the rest of the world thinks of me and her. She thinks the rest of the world (coughTheFamilycough) thinks I’m a slut for doing this. And she thinks that they think that she’s a bad mother for allowing it. So, her method of dealing with it is calling me up and complaining about people asking her what I’m doing and how they don’t need to be so nosy, ZOMG. I have had to tell her repeatedly to breathe and go have a drink. I CANNOT DEAL WITH THE NUTTY.

Blah. I also need to figure out how I am going to finance graduate school? At least for the first semester? Blah.

hate. hate hate hate. hate. poo. there we go. blog blog blog, Internet Internet Internet. ANGRY NOISES.


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