How I Know I am Growing Up
March 27, 2008, 3:26 pm
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1. I just set up the utilities for Fort Dormont. With my social security number and everything.

2. My new lease does not have any co-signers on it.

3. Bear bought a car. It will be living in my driveway here in South Oakland until we move to Fort Dormont. (PS. There is not actually any borough named Fort Dormont. We’re moving to the borough of Dormont, just south of Pittsburgh, in a few weeks. The boys wanted to name the new digs Fort Dormont. They are a) more numerous than me; and b) bigger/stronger than I am, so they won).

4. My boyfriend has a real job. With his own insurance. And a car to get there in. Making paint, or epoxy resins. Or maybe he’s just sniffing glue. Who knows with chemists?

5. I have spent an hour comparing the prices/features of coffee pots with timers on them. For Fort Dormont. For Bear. To make coffee in the morning and save money not buying from Evil Caffeinated Enterprises of Money-Suckage. An hour. Yes.

6. I have two invitations to graduation receptions sitting on the table.

7. My mom has repeatedly said “would you just get married already?!” in exasperation. (She is not pleased with The Shacking Up of 2008, aka Fort Dormont.)

8. I AM OFFICIALLY CLASSIFIED AS A GRADUATE STUDENT IN THE LIBRARY SYSTEM! This only means something to you if you are familiar with Pitt’s library system. Undergraduates can have (most) books for 4 weeks with 3 renewals. Grad students and faculty have (most) books for the full semester. With seemingly unlimited renewals. SCORE. Must renew all current books so they won’t be due till AUGUST.

9. I am reading a finance-advice book, called “Grow Your Money: 101 Easy Tips to Plan, Save, and Invest” by Jonathan D. Pond. Highly recommend.

10. I AM GOING TO BE TWENTY-TWO YEARS OLD IN 17 DAYS. Have you bought my present yet?

11. I have stopped eating McDonald’s Happy Meals. OH WAIT. Total lie. I still eat Happy Meals. A Katrina-sized portion of totally unhealthy food for less than $3! Wee!


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