March 23, 2008, 10:14 pm
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As inspired by Rachel at, I am doing a bit of listing.

Things I won’t blog about:

1. Any of the gossip-mill drama that occurs in my extended family.

2. Bear’s family. At all.

3. My job, particularly derogatory commentary about coworkers/bosses. Random patrons, on the otherhand? Totally fair game.

4. My on-going weight maintenance.

Things I will blog about:

1. Food. I love food.

2. Bear. Excessively.

3. Books.

4. My menstrual periods and associated fun.

Why won’t I blog about certain things? Because one must draw lines. I drew those lines in my head early on. Granted, I have only been writing this for 2 months now, but having boundaries is essential. I believe that is the case in terms of raising children, and it’s also the case in maintaining yourself as the kind of human being your parents (should have) raised you to be. Sometimes my boundaries are a little illogical and asinine (like refusing to call people in Bear’s family other in the case of emergency), but they are there because I need them.

This is why I won’t blog about those things.

1. My family is special in that there are so few of us per generation. Because of this, we have kept in close communication with extended family members. You probably don’t see and/or know your 2nd cousins very well. I do. You might not know your grandmother’s first cousin, once removed. Mine is coming to my graduation party. He’s in his 80’s. However, that also means that the family gossip-mill runs fiercely because you find it hard to care about the sensibilities of people who aren’t in your direct clan. I have lots of tasty family gossip. In case my family ever finds this, I don’t want them getting pissy with me because I hung the dirty laundry all over The Internet.

2. I also don’t want Bear’s family to find this and get pissy with me for sharing their laundry, dirty or not, all over The Internet. Bear is close to his family. Maintaining a relationship with them is extremely, vitally important to me.

3. Dude. Have you found That’s why. (However, she might have gotten fired for blogging about her bosses, but she is also supporting her family in what appears to be a very comfortable fashion BY BLOGGING. She landed on her feet, eventually, which is excellent for her. Probably isn’t so great for everyone else. She is a blogging superstar, afterall.)

4. Ah. On-going weight maintenance. I am too thin. I have to work hard to eat enough. Hate, hate, blah blah, whatever. I can drop weight by thinking too hard. I know, I’m your worst enemy and I must actually be anorexic. Wrong. Family trait, plus I’m a poor, busy college student with not enough time to eat, nor enough money to eat correctly. I try my best, and it is constantly on the top of my mind, but I’m not going to bore/irritate The Internet by bemoaning being too thin when most of The Real World has the opposite problem. Because my tiara is too tight? And this wad of fifties is just too thick to put in my pocket? And these golden shoes are giving me blisters? Right? Right. Won’t go there.


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