Because I Miss The Bahamas
March 19, 2008, 8:14 am
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Last Thursday, we were in Freeport, Grand Bahama. We took a van/cab thing to the resort-y area of the island, and shared it with a group of extremely Jewish people from Long Island (Lawn Guy Land). I love the Jews, we all know that. And I really love Jews from Lawn Guy Land. Mostly because of this conversation. Feel free to read it in your best Lawn Guy Land accent.

Lady 1: My son, he bought a new car.

Lady 2: Oh? What kind of car?

Lady 1: It’s really nice, it’s a hon-dee, SUV type thing.

Lady 2: A Hon-dee? I like Hon-dees. Is it the CRV?

Inner Monologue: What the crap is a Hon-dee?

Lady 1: No, it was some city. The Los Angeles? No, no, it was the Sante Fe!

Lady 2: Sante Fe? I really like the Sante Fe! But it’s not a Hon-dee. That’s the other kind of Asian car…

Inner Monologue: What the hell are these nuts talking about? Are they trying to say Hyundai?

Lady 2: It’s the Hi-Yun-Dee! Haha! You don’t know how to pronounce it, I thought you were talking about HONDA! Hi-Yun-Dee, dear, Hi-Yun-Dee.


Lady 1: Hi-Yun-Dee? No, I think it’s pronounced Hon-dee.

Inner Monologue: HUN-DAY. HUN-DAY. HUN. DAY.


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