Good morning, Pittsburgh
February 19, 2008, 9:48 am
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I woke up this morning at my usual time, 7:30 am. My alarm doesn’t go off until 7:55 am, but, by golly, my body will wake up at 7:30am without fail. Damn me having an anal retentive internal clock. And once I’m awake, I’m wide awake, and probably not happy about it.

Some of us, like Bear, don’t have such cruel, dictatorial internal clocks. Some of us, like Bear, DO have cruel, dictatorial girlfriends with cruel dictatorial internal clocks. When he tells me to make sure he’s awake so he can leave for campus with me, BY GOD IT WILL BE DONE. By any means necessary, including methods not sanctioned by the Geneva Convention.

I have control issues sometimes.

After 20 minutes of harassing him out of slumber and bed, and 6 minutes of staring at him intently while he gets all his stuff together, we leave the house 1 minute after I would have preferred to have left (Having children is going to be hard for me. What with the control issues. And the anal-retentiveness. And the cruel, dictatorial clock.)

The sun was shimmering through the bare trees in Schenley Park, and snow was sifting down from the sky. Sunlight hit the snowflakes as they sauntered past me, flaunting their crisp crystalline forms. Sunlight on a snowy day is a rare pleasure, especially since now, an hour later, the sun has gone away, and the snow is swirling down faster.

I’m glad the sun and the snow ganged up on me to force me out of my morning forced march and into an early morning reverie. I really hope that The Grand Mayor O’Pittsburgh doesn’t go through with his war on snow. What else is weather in Pittsburgh except a lesson in cognitive dissonance?


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