When does blue equal green?
February 3, 2008, 7:48 pm
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Did you know that if you eat blue food dye, your poo turns green?

Well, now you do.

This endearing little creature taught me that. He is the nephew of Bear, one half of an identical set of twins.img_1308.jpg

Oddly enough, getting a 15 month old little boy to hold a pose so you can get a clear photo is difficult. He spent 10 minutes examining the prism, trying to figure out why it wouldn’t wipe off on his hands. It was just so frustrating! He was petting the carpet so hard and nothing would come off on his hand! IT. JUST. WOULDN’T. WORK.

Then, we changed his diaper and found the green evidence of the blue Trix yogurt he ate the day before. You doubt me? Just go eat some blue Trix yogurt and watch your poo tomorrow.


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Remember that artist quite quaint,
who swallowed some samples of paint?
All shades of the spectrum,
flowed out of his rectum,
with a colourful lack of restraint.

Comment by Dan

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