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February 1, 2008, 12:56 pm
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Can we talk about how much I love Pittsburgh?

 Ok, good, because I love Pittsburgh. If you are not from Pittsburgh, here are some sites you should visit about Pittsburgh:

1. http://www.pittsburgh.net/

2. http://www.visitpittsburgh.com/ Yea, that’s right Pittsburgh is the most livable city. TAKE THAT, everybody in unlivable cities.

For some images:

1. http://www.ocfwpa.org/images/pittsburgh.jpg Doesn’t that just make you swoon? That’s probably Light Up Night. We don’t normally waste that much electricity.

2. http://pittsburgh.about.com/library/graphics/pittsburgh_2-800.jpg And you can see some of our bridges there. Did you know that there is only one city that has more bridges than we do? You know which one? VENICE. Yup. They need them because they are a city with canals instead of streets. We are a city of 3 rivers and lots of steep hills and gorges and railroads that need crossing.

3. http://mediaroom.visitpa.com/files/hi_pittsburgh.jpg See that? That’s an incline. Essentially, it is a railroad, except that it is going up the side of a hill and what appears to be a 60 degree angle. I’m estimating that. Bad. Ass.

Ok enough with the pictures. Pittsburgh is also a fairly inexpensive place to live. We are one of the few places that has bucked the housing market fallout. Of course, that’s because we didn’t have a housing bubble in the first place, so there was nothing to pop. Average salaries here are lower ($28,588 median household income in 1999 vs. $41,994 countrywide according to the 2000 Census), but remember the lower cost of living. With lower salaries, we pay lower taxes. At $28,588, I get the same quality of living as someone “countrywide” making $41,994, but the government gets less of my money.

I am always in favor of keeping my money away from the government. I’m squirrelly like that.

Now, I could go on for hours about how wonderful Pittsburgh is. The arts scene, the museums, the universities, the sports, the neighborhoods, THE PEOPLE, but I won’t. I might spread those things out and discuss them at a later date.

I won’t go on about those things mostly because on days like today, days where we started out with ICE and then moved to POURING DOWN RAIN ALL DAY AND HEAVY CLOUD COVER AND HUMIDITY AND GROSSNESS OF EVIL, I really need to remember why I love this city so much. It can be so beautiful and so wonderful that it will literally break your heart, and then the next week it will just shit all over you. Just when you think it really hates you, that it really wants you to be sad and cry all the time, you wake up to fluffy clouds and blue skies and views from the hills that go on forever.

And, like a battered woman who believes “I’m sorry, it won’t happen again, really, it will be better now” time and time again, I forget the days like today. On those pretty days, I want to wrap my arms around the city and squeeze until it turns bright red and is gasping, “please…please…can’t….breathe…”. On those days, I just want to kiss Pittsburgh’s cheeks, use some spit to rub off my lipstick marks, and then pinch them for good measure.

Today, however, is not one of those days. Today, I want to punch Pittsburgh right in the groin for ruining my hair.


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So it was Pittsburgh the whole time?? You told me that you ran into a door!

Comment by Dan

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