Cast of Characters
January 26, 2008, 8:19 pm
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1. Me. My name is Katrina. Go read my “about” section for further information.

2. Boyfriend. Also known as Bear. Fulfills the name by being cute, cuddly and furry. Bluest eyes in the universe. Favorite. Am understandably attached.

3. Mama! is very tall. A little loud. First all-time favorite person ever. Known for measuring neighbors’ grass and swearing in church.

4. Papa! is shorter than Mama!. This explains the middle range of myself. It was a long time before I realized what an oddity my family is. Love of reading and excessive spoilage is all his fault.

5. Brotha. 13 years my senior. Super smart! Lives in the East near Mama! and Papa!.

6. Grandma. 93. Very old. Just noticed it this year. Hilarious, tiny little lady.

6. Hannah-Banana, the Warrior of the Universe. Pictures have already been posted. My special family is obligated to have the most ridiculous dog on the block.

7. Roommate. Former prom date. Will probably rent a room in my house forever.

8. Extended crazy family! One whole character unto themselves.


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